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Right now the IT job market is perceived as one of the most attractive one for young people. We hear about comfortable working conditions, modern offices and attractive perks for employees. IT is also known for its informal corporate culture (often with a flat structure that is becoming a trend lately), which makes it much more attractive than traditional formal corporate culture for young people who are just planning their careers. What’s interesting, nowadays big corporations are also resigning from the uptight model, and many of them are introducing changes such as removal of the dress code, introducing flexible working hours or reducing work control. Due to these moves more and more young people who are just starting their career at the job market are choosing the IT.

Choose the position - check the entry threshold

“I want to work in IT” - that is not a very precise career plan. IT contains a lot of different positions and specializations. At the moment testers are the most often recruited specialists, along with front-end, and back-end programmers. The entry threshold for these positions is relatively low, which makes them popular among young people, who have just graduated. Although IT is not only about technical specialists - the digital product needs to be properly packed, and that’s where UX, UI, and graphic designers step in. So how to start a career in IT? It all depends on a position you would like to get, but for most cases, the path is quite similar, although the entry threshold might differ.

Getting a major field of study? Not necessarily!

In many groups, the myth that the education dictates the professional future is still present. Right now on the job market, the degree is not the primary factor for the employer while recruiting and deciding on who’s going to be the new team member. Of course, having a degree may be an asset, we focused on this issue in that article, but in the end, you don’t have to have a masters degree in IT - programming is an activity for engineers as well as for Arts graduates. The employer will mainly pay attention to knowledge and skills backed by proper courses and certificates. Many employers also use methods such as work samples or assessment center, where the future employee has a chance to prove their skills. Same goes for UX or graphic design and testing - these professions require competencies that can be acquired outside the university, if you only have enthusiasm and the will for self-development.

Where to get the knowledge?

As mentioned before, working as a programmer, a designer or a tester does not require higher education. Where to get the knowledge then if not at the university? Self-education starts with the research - there are many blogs with valuable content run by specialists from the industry, that may help to understand the specifics of working in IT. When it comes to hard skills, you can learn from the books available in stores. It is quite hard though, and it’s worth looking for a mentor, who would explain the hardest stuff. At the moment more and more specialists are making some extra income by tutoring future programmers, usually remotely via video calls. Finding such tutor is rather easy - many groups on the popular social media bring together specialists from the industry, who are eager to help newcomers. You may also check “skills exchanges” where you can exchange your, e.g. German language skills for a programming course. The tutors advertise themselves on advertising platforms.

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Self-education with online courses

A complex solution that does not require as big commitment as working with the tutor is taking an online course. Many platforms offer courses for different programming languages, testing or designing - anyone can find something suitable, starting with the beginner level and ending with the expert, who would like to learn some new technology. What’s interesting is that at the end of the course most of them offer a certificate that is a reliable proof of skills for the future employer. Once in a while, on platforms such as Udemy pretty huge discounts appear, which is a great occasion to get new skills and competencies at low cost.


When you already have your skills developed it’s worth taking a closer look at the specifics of working in this industry - to feel more confident. Software houses are often organizing meetings where the speakers are the specialists in their field and they talk about subjects strictly connected to their position. These meetings are usually a part of the employer branding, but also are educational and make an excellent opportunity for both company - to create the database of potential employees - and the participator - to get acquainted with the working environment, and maybe to apply for a job right away.


While getting to know the industry, it’s worth verifying what you already know, what’s your experience, what else is there to learn. In the end, it might appear that you already have the set of skills needed to get, e.g. an internship - all you have to do is just to apply and gain more and more experience. Follow our Facebook profile where we keep posting info about searching for new members of our crew.


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