Software Development - should I go to a university?
Programming has recently become a very popular skill. Our lives are moving to virtual world and technology is developing at a phenomenal speed. Therefore software development and its constant update is a must for many businesses. It is no wonder that a demand for such competence is so high. The financial value of programming knowledge is also very high. But how to I get it? Should I go to a university, or maybe some attend relevant courses, or maybe self-learning? We'll try to answer this question in the next few paragraphs.

Software Development in Practice vs. a Degree

There’re a lot of ways to finding out if your idea is worth it. Let us share with you some of them, which we find very useful and easy to put into life: Based on the opinions you can read online, you can get an impression that studying doesn’t really make a lot of sense, taking into consideration importance of practical skills of programming. Studies, however, has other important qualities, whose value may not be so obvious at a first glance. Networking and developing contacts can be very useful in the future, as well as opportunities that academic events and conferences can offer. In addition, acquisition of soft skills can be very useful in later business contacts. Also, a diploma and a degree can open up new opportunities for you at some point on the career path. All this makes it worthwhile to consider going to a university, even if you are inclined more towards the second option, self-learning.

Software Development in a Form of Self-Learning

Self-learning is extremely important no matter if we go to a university or decide not to. The best way of getting needed skills is creating a software on your own. That’s how you get a practical knowledge and that’s what really matters later on when you’re following your career path. Great software developer with a lot of experience will find a job, no matter if he has a degree or not. Good idea for broadening your skill set are intensive programming courses. They allow you to get both theoretical and practical skills

Every solution has it’s own pros and cons. Combining studies with self-learning requires a lot of time and dedication. When deciding to study on your own, you have to consider how much self-discipline do you have. No one else will be able to verify our own actions and possible mistakes in software development. Courses, on one side, have an interesting form and many advantages, but on the other side, are usually very costly.

No matter which path you choose, what the market cares primarily about are out practical skills. That’s why it’s a good idea to start working on your portfolio as early as it’s possible.


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