Backup copies - probably you have heard the “make backup copies” advice more than once, or maybe you’ve been learning from your mistakes, and after a sudden power blackout you wanted to throw your computer out of the window because the project you’ve been working on for the last five hours did not save? Yeah. Today we all know very well that if you are not working in the cloud backup copy is more than necessary. Although I will not be talking about private files backup but about website backup, which is also really important.
Basically, website backup copy is not much different than private file backup copy - it is just bigger. Why would you make a website back up? The power failure probably won’t delete your blog, but there are few others unfortunate scenarios that might happen. A backup copy is what helps you bring your website quickly back to the web in case of any accidents. Without it it might be hard - you have to build everything again from a scratch, and we all know that creating a website is not an easy thing. It gets even worse if you run a blog, where you gathered the engaged community, with comments and displays… But what could possibly happen? Actually, there is a lot to happen.

Server failure - probably the most common way of losing your website and data. The server failure is not necessary irretrievable, but still - these things happen. Hacker attack - you think your site won’t be a target? It can be, but also you can get backfired while an attack on a bigger server room. WordPress updates - unfortunately, while updating your WordPress and plug-ins to the newer version it might appear not compatible with some functions you’ve been using so far.

When do I backup?

As often as possible, best would be if you made it after every update. In case of simple company webpage updates are not that frequent, so making backup copies does not have to be conducted as often as in case of a blog. When you are dealing with a blog you need your comments, likes and so on. In this case, automization of backups saving can be a good solution - they can be saved from few times a month to few times a day. When it comes to the comments they are usually operated by a special plug-in that automatically makes backup copies and save them on other servers.
Besides the updates, there are few more situations when backup copy necessary. That would be longer absence on your website/blog, when for some time you are unable to control, what is going on there. You should also apply limited trust principle while giving access to your website to a person, or a company. Someone might by accident delete a part, on which you have been working for a long time. Of course, you also need to backup yourself while changing the hosting.

How to backup?

The easiest and most comfortable way is using one of the WordPress plugins, which automatically create backup copies according to the specified frequency, and save them in the cloud, Dropbox is most common for that. You can also make a backup copy manually if you know how to use FTP. You can save such copy on your computer and conveniently work on it when you need to introduce some small changes or check something. It is not a full backup since there is no database included in it. There’s a simple solution for that - after downloading all the WordPress files you also export the database from the server and save it on your computer as well. Remember though, that hard drives get broken as well. If you do not have much trust towards plugins you can use both options - both a plugin saving your backup in a cloud and manual saving on your computer. This way you are double secured against all the unfortunate events - and there’s a lot of those to happen.


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