Ad & Vision
Company management system (in particular: advertising agency)


The system allows to run Ad&Vision company on a daily basis. It has been developed at the request of Ad&Vision. The works consisted of developing the back-end of the system from scratch (PHP, custom framework written for this project) due to the use of the front-end in Flash, written by Ad&Vision programmers without he use of HTML and the communication through XML only.


Scope of the system

  • contact management (companies, brands, contact details)
  • travel (settlement)
  • CRM (notes, gifts, correspondence, letters, etc.)
  • machinery stock (vehicles, expenses, kilometers)
  • item management
  • job management (cost estimates, tasks, projects, work time calculation)
  • accounting (creditors/debtors, account status, cash balance, fixed costs, salaries)
  • administration (employees, departments, competences, VAT rates, non-working days, controlling)
  • other (attendance and logging lists, holidays)
  • system administration (permissions, languages, system settings)

The customer withdrew the previous system and fully implemented the new one which received a positive response from the company's employees.