Computer programmers’ tournament


The programmers’ task was to create an artificial intelligence that could control units in the game we shared. The project was aimed at attracting talented programmers, willing to work with companies open to innovative recruiting methods.

The project involved development of a corporate identity, web pages (including a landing page with parallax effect) and a game in HTML5 (based on canvas and sockets, and a chat on a website with websockets). The web pages were written using the Phalcon and Laravel frameworks. The users could communicate with each other through the chat, forum, and comments underneath the articles. In addition, the project included integration with and to display tens of thousands of job advertisements published on these websites. As a part of the project, a recruitment panel for programmers was also created, where they could put in competencies and resumes which were then made available to recruiters looking for IT jobs candidates through the website. The project was also integrated with the DotPay payment system.

codearena codearena

Corporate identity

The project also included jobbing printing and promotional materials, such as business cards, posters, roll-ups, and leaflets. The graphics for the CodeCraft game (a design of Golems, Knights and all parts of the map) were also designed.

Web design

Two web pages developed – both for Polish and foreign editions. A recruitment panel designed. A landing page, advertised on Facebook, was also created to attract programmers.