Courses for learning 5 foreign languages, translated into many languages for various markets


The task included designing of web pages, web services (using Zend framework) and panels for creating tasks by methodologists and a group sale service.

Companies were provided with tools that enabled them to collaborate with more than 300 businesses engaged in group purchasing from more than 60 countries and automatic settlement of such purchases. The panels for methodologists enabled the company to create over 5,000 language learning tasks. The project implemented dedicated integration with Orange and Play (P4) mobile operators’ payment systems and their text messages sending systems (SMS, MO/SMS, MT) using components written in Java. The project also included development of a teacher panel and a complete course content (dialogs, exercises, photo lessons, vocabulary lists, vocabulary repetitions, etc.) and an admin panel for current portal service (including statistics, reports, permissions, content creation, etc.). The platform was integrated with the DotPay payment system.

The language courses are now available in multiple language versions. The courses are used by over 650,000 people worldwide.