Language learning application


This application allows you to learn the 1,000 most popular words in 10 languages.The learning is based on high quality graphics symbolizing words and a repetition system. Within the framework of the project, a corporate identity, a website in the form of a business card (with parallax effect) and an application for both iOS and Android have been created.

All of the vocabulary pictures within the application have been modified to achieve an appropriate level of quality.

The iOS and Android applications include such components as: language selection with video as background, a speech recognition module, voice-over playback, switching between words using swype up/down, composing words from fragments, adding words using a limited mini-keyboard, choosing the right translation, etc.


Media attention

The project aroused enormous interest of the media. Lingly was described in the following newspapers and magazines, among others: Rzeczpospolita (paper version), MamStartup, Spidersweb, and Mobirank.